RE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover

RE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover

Janurary 24, 2014

Everyone knows who Arnold Schwarzenegger is but if you don’t then you have lived under a rock for a LONG time. Anyways Arnold went under cover at a Golds Gym in Venice, California to be a personal trainer while raising awareness for After-School All-Stars program.


Well i think this is pretty cool and awesome of Arnold to do. He’s even raising awareness for a after school program. Well this is all i got to say so I hoped you liked this blog and yeah have a nice day 🙂


RE: The Future of Gas Station Burritos Has Arrived

RE: The Future of Gas Station Burritos Has Arrived

Janurary 7, 2014 Blogged at Sourcefed

There’s this new thing called a Burrito Box which basically dispenses burrtios and gives you options on what kind of burrito you want on the side like sour cream and pepper and stuff of that nature. 

I think this is awesome!!!!!, I hope this gets more popular and comes to Canada cause this is something I want these everywhere cause I just love burrioto!!!!. 

Well I hoped you enjoyed this blog and have a nice day 🙂