RE: Strangers Aid Norwegian Boy Who Is Without A Coat

RE: Strangers Aid Norwegian Boy Who Is Without A Coat

Well I was one sourcefed where i get all my news topics for these blogs and i saw tihs video. I was really curious on what it was about this video, I didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing

I viewed the video and the a kid went around in the winter and seeing if people will give him something to wear like a jacket or a sweater or gloves and things of that nature. Some people did and some people didn’t but the majority of people gave the boy a sweater or there jacket or a pair of gloves. It shows that the world isn’t all that bad there still is good in the world which i’m still glad there is.

Well I hoped you liked my last blog and yeah have a nice day :).

Another Movie That Paul Walker Film Before His Death??

Another Movie That Paul Walker Film Before His Death??

This morning like every morning I go on youtube to keep my self entertained in the morning before I go to school and I saw a trailer for a new movie called “Brick Mansions” and it included in the title of the video Paul Walker’s name in it, so I watched it and it looks amazing.

The movies about this city that got taken over and was locked out by all society and Paul Walker’s character has to go get control back to the city, and he meets up with someone in the city. You have to watch the trailer to get it.

I think this movie is going to be great and will be great to see Paul Walker in one of his last movies. Well that’s all I got to say for today so yeah I hoped you enjoyed this and have a nice day 🙂